How Much Does It Cost to Stock Your Refrigerator?

Even though it may be a bit painful when you see your total amount due at the grocery store checkout register, it feels good having a fully stocked refrigerator. For a large family, it can be quite expensive keeping the fridge full of essentials including food for meals and snacks.

For a family of four, the United States Department of Agriculture reports that it takes somewhere between $130 to $300 to stock up on food each week. Keep in mind that those numbers also include dry goods you’ll need throughout the week. Keep reading to learn how much each section of your refrigerator might cost to keep fully stocked, and where typical food items should be stored in your fridge.

Top Shelf
Your refrigerator’s top shelf is one of its warmer areas and should be reserved for items that won’t spoil too quickly. The average cost to stock the top shelf is $22, which includes items such as peanut butter and jelly, salsa, hummus, and fruit cups.

Middle and Lower Shelves
The middle shelf of your fridge is the coldest area and should be utilized to store foods susceptible to bacteria such as eggs, raw meat, and poultry. These shelves will cost you about $38 to stock, and that includes three dozen eggs, protein for each night of the week, and two gallons of milk.

You should be careful with what you store in your refrigerator’s door as this area can shorten the shelf life of certain food items. The best things to put there include butter, condiments, cooking oil, bottled water, soda, and juice. The average cost to fully stock your refrigerator door is about $45 a week as those condiments and drinks can add up.

Crisper Drawers
Each refrigerator should have at least one low-humidity and one high-humidity crisper drawer. The low-humidity drawer will cost about $40 to stock and should include fruits such as apples, grapes, and pears. The high-humidity drawer is where the veggies are at and will cost about $33 a week to stock with carrots, lettuce, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, spinach, and more.

Meat and Cheese Drawer
While the proteins you typically use for dinner would be stored on the middle shelve, items such as lunch meats and cheeses go down below in a drawer. These deli items can be expensive, and to stock your drawer with lunch meats, cheeses, bacon, and similar items it will set you back about $70.

As you can see, it’s not cheap to feed a family of four. An energy-efficient refrigerator can help you save on your electric bill each month, giving you more money to spend on much-needed groceries.

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