Three Ways to Stay Safe in the Kitchen

There are plenty of dangerous ways to injure yourself in the kitchen if you aren’t careful. While many serious accidents happen in the bathroom due to slips and falls, a high percentage of injuries occur in the kitchen as well. Even someone who isn’t doing a lot of cooking can find plenty of ways to be unsafe in the kitchen f they aren’t careful. Sharp knives, boiling water, and hot surfaces are just a few of the culprits you’ll want to look out for.

Keep it Clean
Cooking a big meal can make quite a mess, but it’s important to clean as you go. Food or liquids on the floor can cause you or one of your kids to slip and fall. Imagine how dangerous it could be to fall and hit your head on the corner of the counter or reach out with your hand to break your fall only to burn it on a hot stove.

Fire Dangers
The U.S. Fire Administration has found that homes with a smoke detector are twice as like to have a fire than those without the device. Every year there are more than 150,000 fires that occur in the kitchen. Early detection is critical which is why smoke detectors are so valuable. You should also have a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergency.

Don’t Let Your Kids or Pets in the Kitchen
This one may sound a bit harsh at first, but kids and pets shouldn’t be running amuck in the kitchen while you’re cooking or preparing a meal. It’s natural for kids to want to help out, and if you do allow them to, they should have strict rules and not break them. Even after an oven or stove is turned off it could still be cooling down and be hot enough to burn someone. Cats like to climb on counters but the kitchen is simply too dangerous. If you can’t keep them away, be sure to make the kitchen as safe as possible.

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